Thursday, 6 September 2012

*Insert clever post title here*

Yeah so I suck at naming posts. Lets just move past that.
Eeee fun things happening lately, it's been good times for the ponies. :)
Bella is learning to canter in the school and doing really well, popped a tiny jump with her from canter the other day and she was loving it bless her.

Sunny is going off for schooling this weekend, he's been doing so well, I had to reback him after his back injury and he's now working in walk and trot off the lead rein. So he's come super far, just a case of sending him off for a little while for a professional tune up (As I am certainly no professional!). But I'm so proud of him, he's a clever little man!

They both had their teeth rasped for the first time since I got them yesterday (have checks every 6 months but this is the first time they needed rasping) and they were angels! Just stood their and took it. Then a farrier visit for a nice pedi and they were all spruced up :)

Delboy had a show on sunday, his first outdoor show :) He did a clear round which he got a rosette in, then did the 2'6" class and came second! We were all super proud of him and pix, he was so well behaved and tried so hard! Bright future ahead for those two!

And Dom had a show last month, also got a clear round then did the 2'6" and also came second! He's a cutie, he came second to a horse that was like 16.2, bless him and his little 14.3 :) He was an angel as always :)

I got a new camera in august, hence why some of the pictures are really crap quality and some are really nice, from now on most pictures will be with the new camera so much better quality :)

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