Sunday, 25 September 2016

In which Sunny still finds jumping super exciting

Yesterday I decided it was about time I gave Sunny a shot at being ridden with other horses, it's been a very long time since I've schooled with anyone else and how am I going to get him to stop napping to other horses if he never gets ridden with other horses other than at shows. So I asked the girls if they fancied a little jumping session, because why not just do all the things? We set out three tiny little jumps and had a play, Sunny warmed up beautifully, he was clearly aware of the other ponies but never felt the need to nap over to them and was able to ride past them and stand with them then walk away which I was super pleased about. He also jumped pretty well, the first jump he put no effort in and knocked over, the second he nailed then bucked and then he got the picture and was jumping almost like a normal horse. There was one jump that he went a little crazy at but still jumped beautifully, the others he jumped lovely. We had a great time and we're even able to get a few group photos without Sunny's head exploding! Spray on calmer kumbaya!

Trying to direct everyone into a group photo lol

Friday, 23 September 2016

Much pampering

Tasha (the physio) came out on Wednesday afternoon for Sunn's biannual massage and he freaking loved it. He's gotten better and better with the physio each time she's come and this was the first time he seemed to genuinely enjoy it the whole way through and was grooming me almost the whole time which was adorable.

Today I'm working a night shift so this afternoon I shall be napping. Before my nap however I brought both boys in for a good long groom and and cuddles. Sunny was super chill and actually stood still for the whole time which is a nice change, Ron was antsy and nervous of the noises but very well behaved and they both ended up looking super shiny.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2 days, 2 hacks, 2 successes

Yes, you’re reading that right. I know, it’s confusing and doesn’t make sense and you’re sure I must have been riding a different horse.
Well my dear readers, I was in fact riding Sunny and we did in fact have two lovely hacks. Both of them had something in common. Sunday Beth let me borrow a spray on calmer that she has been using so I could see if it had any effect on Sunny, so I sprayed it on before our hack and off we went with Freddie and his person’s mum R. We stuck with walk and trot, did a nice loop that I’ve never done before which meant spending most of the time in open fields and some having to stand while R got off and do gates (yay for having the taller horse and not having to get off) through which he was a very, very good boy. I honestly could not fault him in any way he was so calm and relaxed. It was the best hack we’ve had all year.
Until yesterday! Yesterday evening I went out with V and Dory and we did a different loop (the one Beth and I did with Freddie and Dory while the girls were on holiday. Again Sunny was awesome, we did basically the whole ride on a loose rein and even managed to have a lovely sedate canter around the edge of one of the fields. R drove up the lane to meet us to check that we were ok (she knows Sunny well lol) and he was able to stand nicely while we had a little chat and then she drove off and he tootled the whole way home on the buckle. He was getting pretty left behind as Dory has a really fast walk and he didn’t mind at all he was just chilling on his own behind, he even stopped to sniff some sheep and bits of farm machinery while she left him behind.
V was supposed to be in this picture. She's not tho. 

This calmer guys. It’s life changing. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sometimes you just need to be a child's pony

Sunny got his first post disaster/show ride on Sunday and it was much improved over Wednesday's debacle! It wasn't groundbreaking, it wasn't life changing, but it was nice. B and her cousin E were watching so because he was being a good boy when I was finished cooling out I let them have a little pony ride which was adorable. I don't really have much to say about that ride so I'm just going to spam with pictures from our last ride before the show which I have now just realised I've never written about....oops!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Sometimes things are not the best

Wednesday was one of those times. I briefly mentioned in my lesson recap that I had a show planned. We were booked in for intro B. Well, Sunny had other plans. Not that he deigned to tell me these plans before we left. No. He was all 'Ooh you got the trailer out, of course I'll just hop up on there with no hesitation, lets go to a place for a visit'. So off we went. When we got there he was SWEATY AF, so we were glad to have got there early enough to allow him time to dry off and have a serious groom. He was actually more chilled than he usually is and was actually eating from his hay net, probably because we got there before anyone else did so there were no other horses to distract him.
Got him all tacked up and into the warm up ring before any other horses and he was tense but behaving ok, warming up quite nicely. Then he got his tongue over the bit which he used as an excuse to have a massive tantrum. Beth noticed quickly and fixed it and he carried on warming up decently, just tense. I got him warmed up and got off to give him a little break since there was still a short while before the class, the intention was to get back on when the class started as we were 4th in. So I did that, and he proceeded to nap around the warm up ring to the other horses. Took him into the indoor and proceeded to fail miserably. Like seriously, couldn't even get the little dick into the dressage ring.
So basically, that was a big fat fail. On the upside, he loaded straight onto the trailer for the journey home, which was a good thing too because by that point my patience was running pretty thin.
Clearly we are just not cut out to be a competition pair. Oh well, at least he looked pretty.
Forgot to take my sunglasses off so looked like a knob. Nbd

Saturday, 10 September 2016

In which I pretend to be a show jumper

So, as we all know, Beth is the best. It is due to this fact that she was kind enough to lend me her pony for a class on show day. She did a couple of dressage tests on him first and he was super duper good and then I got to have a play at show jumping. We did a clear round first and then the 2' class and he. was. fricking. epic. He literally gave me the best jumping round I've ever had, we went clear in the first round which got me into the jump first ever jump off! There were only two of us in the class, the other girl went clear, I had a pole down so Jack and I earned ourselves a nice little 2nd place rosette and lots of smiles!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Once upon a time he cantered to the right...

And we all lived happily ever after! Had another lesson on Tuesday and it was pretty epic.
Freddie wanted in on the action
While I was warming up I explained to Sam that we'd been managing to get both canter leads consistently so she was pretty eager to see that since he was pretty dramatic about the right canter transition last time she saw us. I also mentioned that we'd booked in for a show so she said we'd spend most of the lesson working on the aspects we'd need there (Straightness, flexion, walk/trot transitions). We didn't actually run through my test because I can do that on my own and it's the same test I did in December (intro B) so I already know it. 
So I warmed him up on a fairly loose rein as usual, walk and trot, then moved into asking for him to work properly. We have the flexion and inside bend to the right now, absolutely no problem, he's still resistant when it comes to the left side, it seems like it's mostly habit at this point and he's not realised how much easier it would be if he know...looking where he was going. But we'll get there! 

After we'd done a fair amount of walk and trot we moved onto canter. Sam reminded me to ride him firmly so he knows he's not going into canter just to run around for ages. He did 2 perfect transitions to the right, came lovely and round and then I brought him back down to trot with big pats. One go on the left because lets be honest, we can do that, and canter work was done. Big pats and a loose rein break for pony.
Then we spend the majority of the rest of the ride working on left flexion, We got it in work (with much burning of my poor hips) and then the aim was to not loose it in trot. It was very clear that as soon as I asked for the trot he tipped his head to the outside and gave up. So it was about making sure his head at least stayed forward, just straight, not actively flexing to the inside. I did after a while manage to get him moving straight through the transition and we had some super work.
My horse is hot
 Some work on keeping him round and consistent through transitions and we called it a day. Pony got many pats, cuddles and treats...and then a bath because I'm an evil horrible mother!