Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A crisis of confidence (but I did something about it)

So yeah, my last few rides have been less than inspiring to the point that I sat crying about the fact that I had forgotten how to ride my horse. I knew I was the issue, it was nothing he was doing I just didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do anymore. As I sat crying to my mum she came up with two options.
1) Text Beth, see if she can come see what the issue is or ride him and see if it really is just you.
2) Get in touch with the instructor from the clinic and see if she can come out for a lesson.
So I did both, Beth promised to come out and see us as soon as we are able to work out a time between both of our ridiculous work schedules, and I booked a lesson with Sam, which was yesterday!

I was feeling really discouraged from our recent rides but as soon as she got me working I could tell Sunny was working his absolute freaking heart out and we just had such a fantastic lesson.

We worked again on using my seat to control his tempo, more (and moar and MOAR) inside flexion and keeping the inside flexion through the transitions.

Most of the lesson was done in sitting trot (Oh sitting trot, how I despise thee, it's improving though yay!) with some work in walk for breaks and some work on canter transitions (not so much the quality of the canter though we did do some but the main focus was the transition).

I was reminded to keep playing and reminding for inside flexion as I ask for right canter because we all know he throws his bend away then goes on the wrong leg.

Even counting the point where he got the right canter lead, panicked and chucked in a huge buck it was probably one of the best rides on him I've ever had. Most of the right lead canter we had was the most amazing feeling ever and I can't wait for the day that I can recreate that on my own without someone there supervising me!

All in all it really boosted my confidence and I will definitely be having Sam out on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

July's 10 questions

Joining in the blog hop from L. Williams!

1. Do you actually always pick the horse's feet? Always? Really?
100% before every ride/lunge/walk up the lane yes. I'm not so great about doing it after though.

2. What is the biggest obstacle/reason preventing you from becoming a professional or competing full time with ease?
Both the talent and the will. Firstly I'm a mediocre rider so there is no way I could be professional. Secondly, I love my day job, I worked my little ass off for it and I do a damn good job at it, can't see myself giving that up any time soon.

3. Do you think it will ever not be about the money?
Not if you're wanting to be competitive no, if you're just enjoying playing ponies then obviously some money is required but it's not the single most important thing.

4. Was there ever a horse that you loved and really wanted to have a connection with, but it just never panned out?
I wish I could have had a better relationship with Bella (my dad's old horse). I loved her and she was part of the family but we just never really clicked.

5. What is one weakness in your riding that even your trainer doesn't pick up on, only you?
Now this isn't the most fair question because I don't have a regular trainer, but I don't think anyone notices how much I lean in until they look back on pictures later but I know I'm doing it.

6. What is your biggest doubt/insecurity that you ask or tell yourself in your head?
That I've ruined/am ruining my horses

7. There is a barn fire, you are the first person to discover it and see that the roof is collapsing in slowly and you can tell it's going to come down any time. Do you call people first or head straight in to save the horses?
Ahaha cheating on this one sorry, my horses don't have stables.

8. What is one event in your riding career/horse/anything that you're still not over even though you might tell others you are?
I don't think I'll ever really forgive myself for riding Sunny in a saddle that turned out to be a really bad fit for him.

9. If you could tell off one person that you just don't like, what would you say?
I can't really think of one particular person or one thing that bothers me that much lol. I'll probably post this then think of loads and regret saying that.

10. Have you ever seen questionable riding or training practices, but let it go/ignored it? How do you feel about it in hindsight?
I think we all have in general but I can't think of anything I've seen that was close enough to me that I would have been able to say something, as in someone I know personally.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Sunny days spectating

Yesterday I popped Sunny up to the menage for a ride, V came with us to shout at me and make sure I remember to ride. We did a little schooling, a tiny bit of jumping (Sunny decided he'd jump the bank out of the menage which was completely unnecessary and why did he need to do that?) then called it a day and came home.

After that V and I spent a couple of hours Saturday evening and then another couple of hours Sunday morning spectating at he horse trials which are literally just behind the farm.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ron does 'round and round and round'

Little Ronkin did the lungy thingy! You may or may not recall that last time Ron was 'lunged' it involved a lot of him standing around staring at us while really not getting the idea at all. So yesterday I thought I'd give it another shot and we actually got movement! He could only do trot, and only to the left, but it's a great improvement over last time so I'll take it! 
The sass is real. Can we talk about his adorable green cavesson?

Then Sunny had a turn and was fab, because it's lunging and he's fab at it. 

Today Sunny had a bath. He did not like this. In fact he was strongly opposed to the whole idea. Clearly I did not care about that, because he got bathed. I don't care, his mane and tail are super silky right now so that's all that matters. Silky hair is more important than his opinion on baths soz. 

Shiny AF

Was that necessary?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sometimes you just forget how to ride

Or at least I do. I know full well that sometimes I just need someone around when I'm riding or I just wonder around aimlessly. That kind of happened yesterday, I got on him, warmed him up and for the first 10 minutes had a fantastic ride. He was bending, moving away from the leg, listening to my seat aids and even had a perfect right lead canter because I forgot my left and right and started on the right. It was awesome. Then I kind of lost it, Sunny looked at me like 'Woman what the hell are you doing?' and it was all falling to pieces. So I decided to quit because there was no point carrying on riding like a sack of shit basically. I did end up taking his saddle off and having a lovely trot around bareback which I managed to ride perfectly fine, I'm plannig to ride him again tomorrow if it's dry so we'll see how I do. I'm hoping one day this weekend V will be free for a hack because I haven't managed one for a while.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

When Ronald meets a fly mask

So Ron has been around for almost 2 and a half years now, you may be wondering why this is his first experience with a fly mask. Well Sunny has also not worn one in that time, he has a tendency to ditch them and the flies really weren't too bad the last couple of years. However this year, well my last post was about being swarmed so you get how it's going this year.
So I bought fly masks, a pony size and a cob size, because that is what size animals I have right? Apparently not according to whoever makes these fly masks. Ron is wearing the cob, Sunny is currently waiting for them to get back to me about exchanging the pony for a full.
But anyway, Ron met a fly mask. The ensuing photos are hilarious. You are welcome.

The tongue is my fave

That tongue tho

Monday, 4 July 2016

How many flies are needed to count as a swarm?

Because however many it is, there were way more than that when I attempted to lunge Sunny today!
I think I may have used a whole bottle of fly spray on the boys today, it was vile.
I did however manage to get a quick lunge in for Sunny and he was fab, walk trot canter both directions, right leg every time, couldn't fault him.
Also, someone at work made him a giraffe fly veil and it's freaking adorable and he wore that today which was super cute.