Friday, 13 January 2017

What I wear to ride

Aloha all. As I'm sure you're all aware, winter means less riding, which invariably means less things I can blog about (I know my ponies are cute but there are only so many pictures of them being adorable in the field or tied on the yard that you guys are going to want to see). But! I have a goal to achieve, which means I have to find something to post about, hence the return of some of the more 'youtubey' type of blogs, woo winter.
So today I thought I'd do a little round up of the gear I use for my rides and do a little mini review of them. From the top down, onwards!

Charles Owen GR8
What it cost me: £100
When I got it: Autumn 2013
Favourite bits: It's suuppper comfortable, easy to keep clean and I think it looks really nice.
Least favourite: I don't have any issues with it, I know people dislike the lack of ventilation but it's not super hot in Britain so that doesn't bother me.

Charles Owen Competitor
What it cost me: £65
When I got it: Spring 2015
Favourite bits: I'll be honest, there's nothing massively stand out about this helmet, it fits, it's safe, I mean that's all I need, it's covered by an awesome cover so I'm all good lol.
Least favourite: It's a bit squashy on my ears.

Racesafe RS2010
What it cost me: £130
When I got it: Spring 2013 (Originally, I've had a smaller replacement since, I want to say Summer 2014)
Favourite bits: I love how flexible it is, I don't feel restricted in it like in a lot of other body protectors.
Least favourite: It's. Very. Expensive.

Roeckl Chesters
What it cost me: £30
When I got it: 2014, I want to say Summer
Favourite bits: I have had these gloves for almost 3 years and I've only just got to the point that I need new ones, no gloves have ever lasted me this long. Also, they are SUPER comfortable, dry super quickly and come out of the wash with the same level of suppleness as they had the first wear.
Least favourite: Nothing. I count these as one of the best investments I've ever made and will be ordering a new pair in the spring.
Can't see the gloves that well but I'm going with it because look...cute pony!

Ariat Bromont Insulated
What it cost me: £180
When I got it: Late Winter/Early Spring 2014
Favourite bits: Super comfy, keep my feet warm and dry in the winter.
Least favourite: I'm not hugely keen on the suede inside but it doesn't bother me.

I would genuinely love to see what you guys wear and how you rate it all so if you fancy it, maybe do one of these posts and leave me a link in the comments so I can be sure to have a nosey?

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sunday hacks

Today O and I took Freddie and Sunny for a hack. We didn't go super far because it was pretty muggy and just all around not fab weather. I was pretty impressed with Sunny even just getting tacked up because O's dad brought her up with I think her cousins so there were a ton of kids around and just around the corner they were playing with their new go kart. He was a little bit on his toes but overall he was very well behaved about the whole thing and stood nicely for me to tack him up.
We headed out up the lane, through the top farm then out through the field the long way back home. We had a couple of nice sedate canters, some good hill work trotting bust mostly leisurely walking. It was nice to get out for a little leg stretch and let Sunny blow off some steam with a canter through the fields.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Oh the weather outside is frightful

And by frightful I actually just mean really f'ing cold! The boys were super cosy all wrapped up with their rugs with their hay though. How adorable are they?

Chore time!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Goals!

Happy new year everybody! Lets do this!

Solidify leg yields in walk - We started working on these at the end of last year and I would like them to be pretty much set and par for the course for us by the end of this year.
Introduce leg yields in trot - Once we've nailed them in walk why not have a go at the trot?
Solidify the halt - I want a solid halt, preferably without dropping his back and popping out of my contact.

Learn to lunge - I'm intending on getting my instructor to give me some lessons with him since he's not getting it my way.
Be broken in - Maybe by me, maybe by a professional, I don't mind, but I'd like him backed by the time this year is through.
Hack under saddle - I want to ride the pony on hacks!

Increase exercise - Last years goal was 30 minutes once a week, lets double that, 30 minutes twice a week.
Lesson twice monthly - I managed generally a lesson a month towards the end of last year but I want to get better at organising them this year. This is on the me section because I don't mind which horse it is (or even if it's not one of mine).
Blog twice weekly - I'm keeping this goal because I like keeping my blog active.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 goals in review

It's goal review time! I'm going be upfront and say I feel like this has been a pretty unproductive year so I don't expect this to go too well but lets just jump into it and see how we went! Because some of these goals were less concrete than in the past I'm going to use a traffic light system; Green for achieved, yellow for partly achieved or worked on, red for downright just didn't happen. Got it? Good. Lets bounce.

Have him working consistently round - Yep! Got it, if I ask him to work properly, he will, he might not always want to, but he will!
Have him hacking sensibly with other horses - This is a complete win and it makes me so happy!
Take him out to compete intro - I took him out to compete...we didn't actually compete though. I think it's time to accept that we're not a show pair!
School the haltI put a lot of work into this at the beginning of our riding this year then kind of forgot and started working on it again in November. 

Work on leading - Ronald spent a lot of time on the lead this year, around the yard and going for walks. He's much better behaved for me than most other people and he's better on the yard than away but I have no problems with leading him around now.
Teach him to lunge - Lord knows we tried! I promise we did!
Long rein hacksI tried to teach him to long rein but he didn't get it, we did do some leading hacks though! 

Blog twice weekly - I very much almost did this, there were a couple of months where I failed but I did do this for the most part I feel!
Take more pictures - I took many, many more photos than last year.
Make a weekly plan for what I'm going to do with the ponies - Yes! This is a thing that I did! I didn't always stick to it 100% but I always made a plan and mostly stuck to it as far as weather conditions allowed.
Exercise outside of horsesI'm giving this a yellow, I would say for the vast majority of the year I was doing this, there was some gym time, some weight training and yoga at home and some swimming. This is something I definitely want to keep up and improve upon.  #

Oh ok that didn't go as badly as I expected! I'll get my 2017 goals post up tomorrow (mainly because, not going to lie, I'm kind of still coming up with them). Happy new year everybody! I hope 2017 treats you well!

2016 in review - Part 2

July -September
  • Getting back into lessons
  • Taking Jack in a show jumping class
  • A fair few hacks
  • Riding Sunny around other horses and him behaving!
  • Attempting a show with Sunny (not a highlight...but worth mentioning)
  • A little more jumping
  • Lunging Ron

October - December
  • More lessons
  • Sunny being ridden (and cantered!) by 11 year olds
  • Ron going for walks
  • Lots of hacking
  • First road hack in a couple of years
  • Starting to use the ménage to carry on schooling into the winter
  • Christmas posing