Saturday, 27 August 2016

Win some lose some

Yesterday I asked Sunny to canter to the right 4 times and he cantered on the right lead 4 times! Then after our ride I hosed him off and was able to put the hose on his butt (the area he is most sensitive about for some reason) without getting wet of loosing my horse. I'm going to allow both of those facts to make up for the fact that he spent the entire ride just running away from flies and not focusing on me. At all. Meh. You win some you lose some!
Can't remember the last time he wore this saddle pad and I don't this he's ever worn the fly veil before

The fact that I am actively hosing my horse every time the weather is appropriate after a ride means wet pony shot is becomming a tradition
Backtracking a little, but Ron had the farrier Thursday morning and was totally not ready for the day when I went to get him. 

Today I brought the trailer down for some practice. Sunny loads, I know I'll be able to get him in the trailer if I want to go somewhere but there's generally a question of how long he decides it's going to take and it takes two people (one to lead him on, one to close the trailer) and I'd like to be able to load him on my own. 
Anyway, I spent about half an hour with him and in that time had him loaded about 25 times, he started off a little rushy but was calmly getting on, standing still and then walking off by the end. I was pretty impressed, just need to keep it up now and make sure we practice regularly until it's no big deal. 
Ron on the other hand, I spent about 10 minutes with him, he was on within the first minute, jumped off  the exit ramp then realised he'd over-reacted and was basically self loading and chilling on the trailer until I asked him to get off by the time we were done. Win for the baby pony. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Taking my giraffe for a hack

Wednesday was another busy day, I went up with Beth to sort Jack first thing then we went back to the show ground for more shopping and spectating. I bought that amazing headcollar you can see tied up in the above photo and Beth planned out what she wanted to buy before the week was through. I then had to pop to work for some training so I dropped Beth back off to ride Jack.
Fast forward 3 hours and I went back to get Beth so we could come back to mine and take Sunny for a hack! We actually had a rather enjoyable time, Beth walked with us (with a pocket full of treats) and he was happy to follow along for the most part (until he realised we were heading home, then he was more than happy to go ahead alone lol). We had no rearing, no spinning around, and some nice controlled trotting. All in all, can't complain, a good hack!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Summer day happenings

The week started out a touch slow because Monday was muggy and horrible and there were flies everywhere so I didn't ride. I did pop out with Beth in the morning while she hacked Jack though and he was super good. Then we popped to the county show ground because it's show jumping festival time again so there was spectating and shopping to be done! I didn't go too crazy, just picked myself a new poo picker up and Beth got some treats and a schooling whip.
Tuesday I was pretty productive, the weather was less crappy so the ponies and myself were much more enthusiastic for life. I started out getting my yard work out of the way, then the vets came to give Dory her vaccinations (V and O are both on holiday so I am pony sitting) and then it was time for playing ponies!
I brought Sunny in, gave him a nice groom and spent some time with the clippers getting him used to the noise again. The noise of the clippers he had absolutely no problem but the noise of the cable moving on the floor was incredibly offensive to him. Sigh Sunny.
Then we got all tacked up for a ride. He schooled really well, couldn't really fault him at all, we had nice transitions, some nice halt, just a lovely ride. Then I decided to pop up a tiny little jump (about 50cm) and we hopped over that a few times and he was super chill and relaxed about it which was lovely.
After I got off I gave him a quick hose down which he's getting much better about and turned him out to play.
Obligatory wet pony shot
Then it was Ron's turn to play. He also got shown the clippers and was surprisingly cool about the whole thing, I was even able to hold them against his shoulder while they were running and he was fine about it so he got big pats and carrots for that. Then we went for a walk up the lane, I was pretty impressed that I was able to have a phone conversation while I took him on a walk with no problems. When we got back I gave him a quick blast with the hose (covered about a 50cm square on one side but hey, progress!) and turned him back out to play too!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rain, rain, go away

Come day when I don't have the week off to play ponies.
Sigh. So much rain. However I'm now off until the 31st so hoping for a productive week! I went up to visit Beth yesterday and rode Sparkie which was awesome. Did mostly flatwork but hopped a couple of jumps in at the end. Safe to say I still don't look good over them but it felt easier so I suppose that's something! I thought it was going to make me realise how much I love jumping and make me really miss it but it didn't. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and jumping Sparkie is the most fun ever but it's not made me desperate to jump Sunny, I'm having fun just concentrating on his dressage at the minute. On that note I'm hoping to get Sam out for a lesson this week so that is a potential post. Other things on the agenda are getting the trailer out to practice both boys in as Ron has only been on twice and Sunny doesn't go very often so it doesn't hurt to remind them that it's an ok place to be. I'm also planning to do a bit of clipper reminder so it's not such a surprise to Sunny when winter comes around and just to see how Ron reacts.
Anyway, photos from yesterday!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Rainy days and Mondays...

...really don't get them down at all. In fact they were having a great time playing in the rain today.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Very productive day

I'm super proud of myself today, last night I was telling myself that today was going to be a really productive day then this morning I was like 'Meh, but is it?' but it was! It really was!
I started out with Sunny, we had a lovely schooling session. We started out with our work on flexing and bending and he was super at it on both reins. Then we did some canter sets (because neither of us is in great fitness right now so we're working on that) and then, THEN, I did a little work on walk to canter. Our last 2 attempts we honest to god had it with maybe some faster walk before the transition but not a single trot stride so I was super proud of him!
Outfit on point

Then I moved onto Dory. V is on holiday so I borrowed her and we went on a hack with O and Freddie. She was super fun and we had a couple of awesome gallops. She was very much on her toes and wanted to go basically the whole time but I still had complete control and she never did anything naughty so I didn't mind. It was nice to have some enthusiasm for a hack lol!
Last but not least it was Ronaldo's turn. He had a good groom and then a little lunging session. He started off super, doing his nice little trot on the left rein lol, then realised O was watching so had a little show off with some bucking, he did some nice trot again after then had some snuggles before he went back out to Sunny.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The very real dangers of blue role

Sunny would like to put out a warning. A warning he needs you all to heed. For if you do not heed this advice he fears terrible things will happen to you. This warning is as follows.
Blue the work of the devil and is trying to kill you and WILL JUMP AT YOU AND SMACK YOU IN THE FREAKING EYES IF YOU AREN'T CAREFUL WHICH IS TERRIFYING!!!
For those of you who are unaware, blue roll is pretty much as is sounds, basically a large blue toilet roll. Clearly the most terrifying thing in the world.

Anyway, after he was attacked by the terrifying blue roll which resulted in him swiftly leaving the tie up area, I was smart enough to get on bareback and actually had quite a nice ride. Just a quick reminder of bending and flexing and the lark, nothing majorly taxing, it was just nice.

No media from the ride but here, have some cute pictures of the boys sharing their lick (which lasted all of 8 hours. They really liked it).