Friday, 18 August 2017

Work for everyone

30th July

I gave Ron a nice groom and then a little lunge to see where the land lay with him, he wasn’t at all lame being led in but I’m not great at being able to trot him up and see him at the same time lol. Lunging isn’t ideal as it’s a tight circle but at least it would let me see. Anyway, lunged him in walk and he was fine so let him pop into trot and he was a little bit stiff but not what I’d call lame, just stiff. I figured that made sense with the fact that the assumption was a muscular thing so I was happy with that.

Then I decided to school Sunny again, just in the field this time. He warmed up and lengthened his stride a lot more quickly than the last time and did some nice work. I didn’t do anything too difficult, just wanted to have a ride that ended on my say so after his escapades for the last ride. Not a massive about to say about it but he worked pretty nicely.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Pls stay in your assigned seating

25th July
I decided to give Sunny a schooling session in the ménage as it had been a good while since we'd been in there. We had a nice slow stroll up in hand and then once we were in there I popped on. He didn't feel nervous or spooky which I was surprised at with it having been a while since we'd last been in there. He did however start out a little short and wasn't really using himself properly. I didn't take it too hard since we hadn't schooled for a while, just did lots of transitions in the walk and trot and lots of changes of direction and soon got him stepping through and lengthening his stride out to where I expect it to be.

After that he continued to actually work really, really well for most of the ride. I wasn't asking for a huge amount, mainly just that he show up and use his body properly and bring himself round and through. I didn't only did a minimal inkling of lateral work but mostly just lots of transitions and bending.
And he was amazing. For the vast majority of the ride. Then he decided he was bored/it was too hard/he was hot/he doesn't know how to horse* (delete as applicable) and decided it was time to leave. So he left. Out of the side of the ménage. 
I made him come back in and work again but he'd pretty much killed my buzz with that, ponies eh!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A very short outing

July 20th
It was time for another outing!
This time we loaded up Puzzle and Ron and headed out for my first attempt at a fun ride.
We made our way there without getting too lost (only made one wrong turn lol), got the horses unloaded, groomed, tacked up, paid, mounted and set off....and Ron's lame. So we loaded back up and went home, called the vet ladada basically they said probably muscular so just rest him no worries.
But the positive side of this is that both horses were super well behaved! It was Puzzle's first outing with us, Ron's first outing in forever and the first time he was mounted away from home and they were awesome. Both loaded first time, stood well to be groomed and tacked up then perfect while we untacked, put everything back in the truck and loaded them again. Honestly could not fault either of them one bit and have high hopes for Ron's next outing and actually riding him that time!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

New hacking bud

So. Guys. Bef got a new pony.
Her name is puzzle and she's super, super cute, she's also living with the boys for a little while whilst her permanent home is readied for her.
Puzzle arrived the day after the outing detailed in my last post, so the day after that (the Wednesday) we went for a hack!
We took Ron because he is definitely a better friend to have one your first hack in a new place than Sunny. They were both really good, there was a little bit of spooking but it was all very mild and nothing dramatic happened which is always ideal. We took them up past the top farm and through the woods into one of the back fields, had a little canter in the back field then looped round to come back down through the woods and home again.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

We went a place!

July 10th
I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned this yet, but last month I bought a truck, which means I am now able to tow 2 horses at the same time! I've named her Regina and to celebrate her arrival Beth and I planned an outing. We decided we would reunite Sunny and Sparkie and take them out cross country schooling! Now, before we went I was fully aware that 1) Sunny has jumped on one occasion in well over a year and 2) he's just not great at it in general and I was very accepting that we may just hack around the course and not jump, I was totes ok with this.
See, this is fine
So I got him all loaded up and we went to pick up his friend! Sunny actually waited on the trailer much better than I expected while Beth fetched Sparkie in to load, he's usually not great when the trailer is stood still with the doors closed (we should be either moving or getting off people make a choice come on!) but I couldn't fault him really. He seemed pretty excited to see Sparkie when we loaded him up (or just glad that something was happening, either option is valid).
Reunited and it feels so good (unless you're Sparkie)

So we got there, got tacked up (nice and calmly) then hopped on and started warming up. I had to remind myself that just because we're in a different place doesn't mean I have to ride any differently. Bottom line? Ride the damn horse Emma!

I ended up being correct in that we just hacked around the course, we did one jump and neither of us was particularly happy or confident with it so we just played and had fun with some nice canters around while Beth and Sparkie schooled around over the jumps. 
Dis is blurry but is coot anyway

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ride recap only a month late!

Ok so July has not been a good month for blogging, oops! I have ridden (although admittedly...not a huge amount) so I'm basically just going to write my posts and they'll be super late but here you go I'm posting them anyway bc my blog so I can do what I want!

July 7th (Honestly, I told you they were late)
G and I took the ponies up the menage for a little play, G just had a little tootle around on Ron to get him out and moving, Sunny got a refresher in sharing the working area with someone else without having to be next to them at all times. He was actually really good about it and didn't nap to Ron at all and was even able to walk away from him when they were stood together which I was impressed with.
So we schooled around for a little while in walk/trot/canter, nothing spectacular just a nice standard schooling session. Then since there was a little cross pole up and Beth and I had an outing planned soon I decided to let him throw himself over it a few times. He actually jumped it fairly normally (for Sunny) and was just a little sprightly after the jump a couple of times but didn't fully take off and didn't drag me into it sideways which is always a bonus. I was actually quite pleased with him. Then both boys hacked home nicely all chilled.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Super schooling

Ron has spent a good chunk of his time this week in the ménage doing some schooling. Since we've been working on the same things each time and there has been steady progress but no major breakthroughs I don't feel the night to write about each ride individually so this will just be a quick summary of how we've been getting on with it.
The actual journey up to the ménage has improved in that he's gotten faster and less nervous of things on the road that would initially give him pause (and I do mean pause, like stand and stare pause lol) and will happily truck right on up with very little leg required.
He's also notably more confident once he's in there. He no longer needs a period of reflection when he arrives to decide that it's safe, he can just head straight to work no problem.
Mainly we've been working on transitions but also lots of work on maintaining the gait you are cued into. If I have asked you to trot you are trotting until I ask for a different gait, not until you feel you have done enough trotting lol. He's getting much better at that, obviously he still needs encouragement but it's a lot less. Same with the canter, once he's in it he's pretty solid at staying there until I ask him to trot again and accepts leg aids to keep it up really well if he starts flagging.
I have to say each time I school him he feels that tiny bit more rideable than the time before so I think we're trucking along quite nicely really. He's a good pony.