Saturday, 3 December 2016

I basically went to my lesson dressed as Chritsmas

And I feel not an ounce of shame about it.
We went back to our regular clinic today and since it has been established we can walk, trot, canter on the contact now as well as travelling in straight lines, it was time to up the game in terms of bend. That means it was time to move into the world of lateral work! Starting with leg yielding.

No photos of leg yielding because that is hard to photograph so enjoy pictures of other fanciness from today.

I've played a little with trying to teach him to leg yield in the past but I didn't really know how to so I didn't really press the issue. I will admit, there were many points today at which I was flailing around with no idea what I was trying to achieve. I'm not ashamed to share that, we're all about growing as riders here in blogland!

However, there were brief periods of time in which I managed to make all of my body parts work as one (really it shouldn't be that hard, they have to do it all the time know...function at life), and in those moments, there was genuine sideways movement away from my leg.

Given that the weather has not been fab lately which has slightly relegated me to hacking, I had been given leg yielding as homework as I am assured it is something that can be done out and about. I imagine it will actually help with hacking too if he becomes more aware of my leg because of it.

To save his brain from exploding, after a fair amount of leg yielding we did some standard trotting to give him a break from thinking, then finished up with some canter work. I'll admit some transitions were a little sticky but I'm putting that down to the lack of any actual genuine schooling lately. Overall though he worked ever so hard today, I can't fault him!
This canter though <3

Friday, 25 November 2016

Back in the saddle

I rode Wednesday but technically that wasn't so much back in the saddle since I decided to have a little play bareback. The ground wasn't brill because it's rained a lot recently so we just had a little walk and trot around the fat paddock, mainly focussing on straight lines and halting.

My horse refuses to grow a winter coat. Srs.

Today, the girls were off school for a teacher training day so we went for a nice long hack this morning. We went out into the village and O took Freddie on the roads for the first time. Sunny was amazing, he was actually leading when we got out onto the roads, I genuinely think that since he didn't know where home was (we took a rout that tricked him into not knowing where he was) he had no reason to nap so just kept moving forward happily. At one point a bus went past in one direction at the exact time that a lorry passed in the other direction and he literally had no reaction. Horse winning! We had such a good time, I definitely want to do it again soon, a lady we met walking her dog pointed out a bridle path through to the next village but we didn't have time today as I'm on a night shift tonight so hopefully next time we can follow up there.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Inadvertant holidays

My shifts at work have been a little bit weird over the last couple of weeks. Combine that with the weather being crappy and the ground being soggy it means Sunny has accidentally been on a little two week holiday. My shifts are a little better next week so I should be back to normal riding (and therefore blogging) schedule so for now please enjoy some photos of the boys (Ron has been wearing his big boy rug lately! Also, keeping his muzzle on like a good boy) and also, dogs in coats. Because aww.

Not one of mine, she's their friend, they had a play date

Monday, 7 November 2016

Treading a familiar path

Last Thursday Hattie came up for another visit with the ponies and we decided to take the boys out for a hack. I assumed it would be a fairly quick hack since Hatti was walking with Ron but whenever I gave her the option of which way to turn she chose the longer rout and we ended up being out for about an hour. We followed almost the same path I took with Freddie on Tuesday with the exception being that we didn't take the boys out into the village. Both boys were really good, they took turns leading with Ron and Hatti taking over whenever Sunny decided he was a little unsure about carrying on with this working malarkey. It was the longest hack Sunny has been on for probably a couple of years and poor Ron has never been expected to walk that far before lol, he didn't know what was happening but he seemed to have a good time. Sunny and I even managed to have a nice little canter while Hatti and Ron sorted out closing a gate we'd just come through.
I wish this had Sunny's head in but it's adorable nonetheless

Group shot!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Freddie's grand adventure

O has been riding Minnie a lot more lately which in turn means she's has less time to ride Freddie. Because of this R has told me that I'm free to ride him whenever I want to, so on Tuesday I decided to take him for a nice little hack! Well...our little hack turned into the longest hack I've been on for quite a while and definitely the longest I've ever done alone. We hacked through the woods, around the back fields and out into the village then did a little road through the village and back. There were a couple of nice canters, a couple of super fun gallops, some noisy dogs barking at us and a lot of chilling on the buckle.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Excuse me do you not realise I just did work

Yesterday Sunny and I went for a nice hack with O and Minnie, we went through the woods and then up a little hill to get some trot hill work in. Both horses were super chill and well behaved, Sunny even led going away from home for a fair amount of the hack which was a pleasant surprise. We put some music on and just had a nice little tootle around. I knew when we got back V would be home and I'd told both girls the day before that they could have a little play on him if they wanted. So when we got back O got off Minnie and left her with R to untack her and we took Sunny out to the field. At first he was stalling by the gate like 'Excuse me, I did work, did you forget that all ready? Are you stupid?' but once he realised I did in fact want him to continue working he was fine. I did a little trot and canter around to make sure we had buttons then O hopped on for a turn. It was so funny, she's so small and made him look absolutely huge. She had a little trot around on him and he was being super good so I said she could give him a little canter to the left. It took a couple of attempts to get him to canter (he's never cantered with a child before) after a couple of attempts he popped into a nice little chilled out canter for her.

 Then V hopped on and gave him a nice little trot about and even got a lovely right lead canter out of him! He was such a good boy for both girls, it was lovely to watch.